Reset A Brand New You - Happy New Rear 2021

I will share:
• The #1 Science-based Reason for Yo-yo Rapid Weight Loss & Gain
• 3 Reasons People Fail Their Goals within 3 Weeks & The Instant Fix
• This crucial Hack To Successfully and Easily Lose Weight
•  Kick Sugar & Carb Cravings To The Curb with THIS HACK

December 2020
Sun 20 — 8a, 10a
Mon 21 — 7:30a, Noon, 9p
Tues 29 — 10a, 3p

January 2021
Mon 4 — 7:30a, 9p
Thu 8 — 10a, 3p


I feel like a NEW Person!

 Becca, in 2 days you did what doctors could not do in 10 years! I feel like a new person!! I am amazed and I BELIEVE!

Harriet Jodi Levin


I'm Losing Inches Everywhere!

I am so grateful to Becca Tebon! I've learned a lot about myself and new healthy habits! It's showing in my clothes and people are commenting! This program is perfect to kick start my productive day. I love that it's only 17 minutes — and Becca hits the total body with the powHER Bands. You owe it to yourself to get started.

Nancy Matthews

Co-founder, Women's Prosperity Network, Author of "The One Philosophy"

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